Bully Boot Camp

Training and socialization for your bully dog. Open to rescue and owned bully breeds.

BULLY BOOT CAMP Rescue Boarding

We rescue dogs from death row and provide a stable, secure environment in which the dog is properly evaluated, receives training and is prepared for adoption to a wonderful, loving forever home. Our goal is to turn shelter dogs in to Breed Ambassadors.

Current Campers
Here are our current happy campers! These dogs are all available for adoption, please see our Adoptable Dogs page for further information.


Mia came in to BBC just skin & bones, as well as fearful of new people and dogs. She also had zero obedience training. She is now a happy puppy who plays very well with other dogs and she is learning her basic commands. She is potty trained and sleeps in her crate and she loves to give puppy kisses! Mia is about 5-6 months of age, and would do well in a home with another dog of about the same energy level.

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Chelsea was left behind in a foreclosed home. When she first came in to rescue, she was shy and fearful as well as very "dog aggressive". She has turned out to be one of the easiest to care for dogs we've every had, she's very well behaved, very affectionate and her aggression is based on fear, which she overcomes once she learns that the "new dog" is not going to hurt her. She seems to really like Bridget ->

New Video of Chelsea Coming Soon!


Sweet Bridget has a rather bizarre story - she was found at a rest stop, tied to a shopping cart and wearing human clothing. The shirt and pants were held to her with rubber bands so tight they were cutting off the circulation in her legs, and her ankles and paws were very swollen. Bridget is a very sweet and affectionate dog, she's also potty trained and knows her basic commands. This wonderful girl is ready for her forever home!

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Criteria for Dogs to Enter BBC

Bully Boot Camp is a program for bully breed dogs and bully "cousins", such as Rotties. Naturally, the main criteria is that the dog shows absolutely no human aggression. In addition, the dog cannot have severe medical issues and must be dog friendly.  To consider a dog for BBC, we require a SNBBR Board review of the shelter temp test.  Of course, we take in to consideration stress levels at the shelter and comments from shelter staff and volunteers.

Funding for a dog to enter Bully Boot Camp comes from donations.  IMPORTANT:  Due to the number of pledgers who renege once the dog is pulled from the shelter, we now require that all funds are received prior to the dog being rescued. We're sorry this needs to be mandated, but we cannot keep this program going if full funding for the dog is not received. Fees are broken down below, only those required for that particular dog are needed prior to pull.

Donations/Sponsorship Money is accepted via Paypal, credit card (signed cc authorization form required), or direct deposit. If you want to use a credit card or direct deposit, please email "info@snbbr.org" for the required authorization form/information. Receipts for tax purposes are snail mailed or emailed.


  • Shelter pull fee
  • One month boarding $540
  • Transport SoCal to Vegas: $135-$150  (if the dog is coming from another area, please email us about transport costs)
  • Fecal & Boardatella MANDATORY - $24
  • Spay/Neuter, if needed:   "Pit Bulls": $75;   Other breeds by weight
  • Standard vaccinations, if needed, are $12 each.

We only require that one month of boarding (in addition to the other costs) be covered by the donations, even though it can take several weeks to several months for a bully breed to be adopted in to a qualified home (donors may sponsor the dog for longer stays). The dogs stay in our rescue program until adopted - we do not return dogs to the shelter because boarding time is up. 

Our plans are to expand the program to include dogs that need more intensive rehab for behavior or medical issues as well as to be able to take in more dogs at a time. We can only do this with your support.  Please consider making a donation to our Bully Boot Camp Building Fund.  Just click the paypal link below, and put "bully boot camp" in the notes section. Thank you!

As a not for profit organization we rely on donations to provide shelter, food and medical care to our rescued dogs. Please make a tax deductible donation today to help us continue our life saving work.